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Helicopters Southwest has over 25 years experience in furnishing high quality video imagery to the electric utility industry in 10 states.  

Our three Bell Jet Rangers are all equipped with high definition video cameras coupled with GPS captioners and integrated audio of pilot and observers that provides documentation of the area being inspected.  Our dual Garmin map systems allow us to fly precision routes for a proposed route while the video imagery provides a real-time video with audio comments relative to the area.  Please visit our Video Gallery for sample video.

Our helicopter rates are very similar to other operators with the exception that there is no cost for the video camera system but it is included in the hourly rate which is $750 per hour plus the cost of fuel which generally runs about $100 per hour.  Blu-Ray discs are furnished at only $25 each.

There are many helicopter operators that advertise expertise in the inspection of utility or pipelines; However, most are not video equipped or must depend upon third parties for delivery of any documentation.  Our customers receive high resolution DVD discs of each line route with super-imposed verbiage of the line name, latitude and longitude, date, time, ground speed, altitude, and heading. Please Contact Us for any further questions.

Example of precision track flown with dual garmin map system